President of the Assembly

Ahmet Altun

Dear Members,

Who believe as a business people to our province future and powerful potential are as a go on the road as a 4 year common sense in unity with the process. Developments in the worlds and as well as the current situation for our country in which it is located together with the development of our city’s economic contribution.

In the development of our country and promoting our biggest obstacle to growth, our country’s operations and perceptions that were performed against of our nations terrorist attacks, we are going to defeat that terrorists attack with our nation’s determination and resolution. Promoting our development goals will study together, we are going to have a life projects that looks like a dream. In this way, all of our commerce and industry in Şanlıurfa, dynamics of change and transportation process started.

We intend these projects on the basis of powerful strategy, powerful economy, and powerful vision. Those projects made for our city it added excitement to our province business. Şanlıurfa business life is only body to our common future that it has the potential to perform this project.

We will expect your support with collaboration, common sense and mind as long as that process, the assurances of my highest consideration.

Sanliurfa Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Paşabağı Mahallesi Adalet Caddesi no: 9 ( Şanlıurfa Valiliği Arkası) Şanlıurfa/ TÜRKİYE