It has been scientifically proven that wheat farming in the world for the first time held in Şanlıurfa. This is an Anatolian city which has figured in all the religions of the book. Old Testament prophets such as Jethro (Hz. Suayp), Job (Hz. Eyup), Elijah (Hz. Elyasa) and Abraham (Hz. Ibrahim) lived in this city, which in ancient times known as Edessa, and Moses (Hz. Musa) lived in the region for seven years working as a shepherd before returning to Egypt with his staff. Lately, one of the most important archaeological sites nearby Urfa is Gobeklitepe which changed everything we knew about the Stone Age people. , It has proved that civilization had begun much earlier than mentioned in the history boks. Şanlıurfa hosts The place where the Prophet Abraham fell into the fire, became a lake and a rose garden and the woods became fishes. fell into the fire becomes a lake and a rose garden and the woods become fishes. Also the city contains,

Mosaics, Urfa Castle, Halfeti Greek Castle, Ruins of Harran, historic buildings and markets with close to 4 thousand (that enough?) historical monuments.

On the fertile lands of Mesopotamia, there are cities around smelling like history itself such as Aleppo, Rakka, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Adıyaman, Gaziantep, constitutes an island with a must-see. As the city of Urfa is deeply rooted in history, so its unique cuisine is an amalgamation of the cuisines of the many civilizations that have ruled in Urfa .

It offers hospitable and tolerant people with great tourism opportunities. Şanlıurfa has 11 % of Turkey's economically irrigable agricultural land. Şanlıurfa, with its 1,22 Million Hectare agricultural land .Şanlıurfa is the central city of Atatürk Dam which is the 6th biggest dam in the world in terms of filling volume There is a huge potential for agricultural production.Are you ready to add power to our country’s power?

Our province, is fourth in the number of young population in Turkey. This is very valuable to the workforce investments.Şanlıurfa is ready to embrace new investors who will produce for World and sell to World.

GAP International Airport which has the longest runaway ,is just 30 minutes to City Center. Easy to reach İskenderun and Mersin ports with highways, .Our city offers great potential with improved social facilities with the proximity to the Middle East market.

I invite local and foreign investors to take advantage of these opportunities.